Best Three Hotels in Halifax for Travellers Seeking the Best Comfort

When you are travelling, you’d definitely want to stay in a hotel that has very comfortable accommodations at the end of the day. That’s because it is the best way for you to rest up and recharge yourself for the next day’s destinations or activities. For that reason, it is very important to take your time when looking for a hotel, and make sure that they can offer the best comfort for your stay. 

For travellers that have plans of visiting Halifax in the near future, I have a few recommendations for hotels that offer the best comfort for their guests. I have been going to Halifax more many years now, mainly because I have a business consultancy client there that runs a Halifax student removals business. Throughout the years, I have pretty much narrowed down which of the many hotels in town, never fails to provide their guests with the best comfort and quality services. With that said, below are the three best hotels in Halifax for travellers in need of the most comfortable accommodations during their visit. 


Shibden Mill Inn 

Shibden Mill Inn, Halifax - Yorkshire | Pubs with Rooms | Britain's Finest

Shibden Mill Inn is a very beautiful inn, both inside and outside. The hotel offers very comfortable accommodations for their guests, and that is something that they have been known for in years. This is the hotel that I frequently stay in because it provides easy access for me in terms of my destinations whenever I’m in the Halifax. They are well-equipped with all the amenities that travellers needs these days, especially when it comes to their comfort. Other than that, they have staff members that are very helpful and accommodating at all times, which is another huge bonus for such services.  


Holdsworth House Hotel

Holdsworth House Hotel - Picture of Holdsworth House Hotel & Restaurant, Halifax - Tripadvisor

Holdsworth House Hotel is what I would consider as the best looking hotel in Halifax, and that’s because it is standing inside secluded gardens that are very stunning. All of the rooms in this hotel are lovely and of course, very comfortable for their guests. As someone staying in this hotel, you will quickly find out that they have plenty of amazing amenities here for you. Most important of all though, they staff are great when it comes to making their guests feel very welcomed and well-taken care of throughout their stay in the hotel. Another very solid choice for travellers that want a very comfortable and beautiful hotel to stay in during their visit in Halifax. 


Crossroads Inn 

Inn from the carpark - Picture of Crossroads Inn, Halifax - Tripadvisor

For those that are looking for great value accommodations without sacrificing a lot of comfort levels, then the Crossroads Inn is a great option for you. Other than being very comfortable, all of their rooms are super clean and well-decorated. This is certainly one of the cleanest hotels I have ever been in throughout my travels. When it comes to their staff, they are also very welcoming, and always pay attention to the needs of each guest that stay here. 


These are the three best hotels in Halifax today, if you are a traveller that seeks the most comfortable accommodations. Given that these are quite popular hotels for travellers, you might want to make sure that you book your stay in advance. That way, you don’t lose the opportunity to stay in the most comfortable hotels in Halifax.