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Commercial Removals

Commercial Removals in the Halifax area couldn’t be easier!

When the time comes to hire a removals company for commercial removals, take care and choose the right option. Making the right decision at this point will have a positive impact on the whole process. In Halifax, we believe that we offer the best service. If you’re in this area, bear our company in mind.

commerical removals

Commercial removals require a lot of planning. Unlike the average house removal, commercial relocations can be planned 6 months to 2 years in advance. This is because the future of the business often depends on a successful transition to its new location. A large part of this success comes down to choosing the right removals firm.

In Halifax, Halifax Removals is the team to trust with commercial removals. We can accompany you throughout the entire process, from planning to performing the move itself. We’ve handled so many over the years that you’re bound to find our expertise valuable. We suggest that first of all, you allocate someone to be in charge of the project. This will be our point of contact. 

A detailed timeline will be of great assistance during this project. Write down all the tasks you need to do, when you need to do them, and who will do each task. We’re sure many of the tasks can be allocated to us. After all, we don’t just handle the heavy lifting. We can also pack items and assemble pieces of furniture, for example. Your timeline should include a little buffer for any inevitable obstacles that arise.

Of course, you’ll have a budget to stick to as well. This should be included as part of your plan. The great news is that when you hire a team like Halifax Removals, you can enjoy high-quality service at a lower price. We’re known for our affordable rates. Businesses love this opportunity to reduce costs during the relocation process. 

Because we have been in the removals industry for so long, we’ve handled all kinds of removals. Commercial removals are one of our specialties.

Commercial removals share some basic similarities with house removals — we’re still involved in loading and transporting items — but there are also many differences.

Here are the factors that distinguish commercial removals from other kinds:


  • The scale of the job is usually much bigger than the average house removal, so it requires more work, bigger vehicles, and multiple journeys. Some of the commercial removals we have handled include offices that span multiple floors. This is obviously a larger task than moving a flat or house.


  • When we perform commercial removals, we’re operating in different locations than the average domestic removal. Our work takes place in offices, business centres, restaurants, hotels, and warehouses. Each type of building has its own regulations to abide by. Insurance differs for this type of job too.


  • A house removal will of course include some appliances, but it doesn’t usually require us to handle expensive and delicate equipment. Commercial removals do. We understand that these business assets are very important, so we use our own equipment to transport each item as safely as possible.


  • All removals have a timeline, but a business’ schedule is very high stakes. Any unexpected delays could have major repercussions for the business. Businesses need to minimise disruption as much as possible, and this is another consideration whenever we undertake a commercial removal.


Because of these differences, you must hire a removal company that knows how to handle commercial jobs. 

When the time comes to hire a removals company for commercial removals, take care and choose the right option. Making the right decision at this point will have a positive impact on the whole process. In Halifax, we believe that we offer the best service. If you’re in this area, bear our company in mind.


Halifax Removals is an experienced and established removals service. We have been working in this industry for years, so we know all kinds of removals inside out. When you’re hiring a company to handle your commercial removal, you need to know that they’re confident in what they’re doing. We definitely are.


Our service isn’t just high quality; it’s also offered at a low price. The value for money that we offer is incredible. That means that companies who want to save money without cutting corners can enjoy the best of both worlds. If your business has a tight budget for your relocation, contact us.

Some companies make the mistake of asking their employees to handle their removals. We would advise against this: it may seem like a way to save money, but it could cause major problems. They won’t be able to perform the job as efficiently as us. They may also experience injury attempting to do work they aren’t trained for. Your equipment is also at risk of damage.

We’re locally known and reputable, so you can trust that we’ll provide an excellent customer experience. That’s why you should choose Halifax Removals to perform your commercial removals. Contact us to discuss the details of your job.

You shouldn’t choose just any removals company to handle your commercial removal. It’s worth taking your time to research a little and do everything you can to ensure that this transition is as successful as possible. Here is our advice on how to find the right company for you.

First of all, ask around for recommendations. If you know any local businesses that recently relocated, ask who handled their move and whether they were satisfied with the service they received. At Halifax Removals, many of our new customers find us this way!

If you don’t have those local connections, you can always check out online reviews instead. This will give you an idea of the customer experience that different companies provide. Once you have a shortlist of companies, you can call them directly to gather quotes. Companies should be happy to give you a quotation upfront, without any obligation to book.

When you’re getting the quotes, clarify what each service consists of. Some companies might be happy to provide packing services, for example. You can determine the best offer by comparing prices and services. Don’t delay when you find the right service for you. Make your booking straight away so you don’t miss out. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The price of each commercial removals job depends greatly on the details of the work involved. It also depends on the company that you choose, as some companies are more affordable than others. If you book Halifax Removals, you’ll find the price to be surprisingly low considering the quality of the service we offer. 

Most companies want to be sure that their relocation process is comprehensively insured, just in case something unexpected occurs. The best way to clarify the level of coverage that you’ll receive is to contact a removals firm directly and ask them exactly what their policy covers. Then, you can be confident that you have this extra layer of protection.

The most important thing to remember when hiring a commercial removals company is that you need a reputable and experienced firm. Remember, you can also ask them to pack your items for you. If they’re very knowledgeable about commercial removals, they’ll know exactly how to protect your property and prepare it for transportation.

If your job is a large one, get a firm that has the capacity to handle it! At Halifax Removals, we’re used to managing these large jobs. We have the equipment, manpower, and vehicles to accommodate this work. Look for companies that have experience in large commercial removals. Just because they accept the job doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to do it well!
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