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Piano Removals

Moving Piano in the Halifax area couldn’t be easier!

It’s a familiar trope from comedy movies and television – the piano move that ends in disaster! But it’s no joke if it happens to you. You may think you’re saving money by asking amateurs for assistance instead of paying for the professionals. This becomes a big mistake if something happens to your piano and you end up paying for costly repairs or, even worse, a total replacement. That’s why we recommend that you get in touch with an experienced and knowledgeable team in the Halifax area. At Halifax Removals we will be happy to move your piano safely, with the correct attention to detail, and at an affordable price.
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If you’ve never moved a piano before, keep it that way for now! It’s dangerous both for you and the instrument to attempt an amateur removal. Even if you feel ok about risking personal injury, consider how expensive a piano repair or replacement could be. Unfortunately, if you move a piano without the required expertise, it’s highly likely that you will end up damaging the instrument. Despite its heft and bulk, a piano is surprisingly delicate, and it contains complex and sensitive mechanisms that need to be taken into consideration during the relocation process. How you lift the piano is crucial, because every piano is different, and that affects where the weight of the piano lies. There are many different kinds of piano, and we have experience of moving a huge range of them. We strongly advise that you hire a professional team when you need to move a piano, and you won’t find a better team in the Halifax area than ours. We have extensive experience in every kind of removal, including piano removals, so give us a call today!

Pianos are hardly easy items to move anyway given their size, shape and weight. However, moving a piano is way more than a simple heavy lifting job. You need more than muscles to safely move a piano! There’s a reason that it has become its own specific niche in the removals industry: not everyone is able to do it. The last thing you want is for your amateur piano removal to end in disaster! A piano is usually a prized possession, so make sure you leave it in safe hands when it has to be relocated. We are confident about our skills as piano movers. Over the years, we have developed a bank of knowledge that enables our team to move a piano with meticulous attention to detail. We know the many ways a piano can suffer during the process of relocation, and we avoid any unfortunate incidents with careful planning and practised teamwork. Customers love our efficient, careful and professional service. Our philosophy is that we treat our customers’ property as we would like our own to be treated. That’s why we couldn’t in good faith allow your piano to be moved by anybody but an expert. Our team is made up of trained professionals that know their way around a piano! We are the ones to trust for piano removals.

We may not be able to play you a song, but when it comes to piano removals our service will hit the right note. The key to a great piano removal is hiring the right people; it’s a black and white issue! Sadly, we have known of people who have tried to move their own piano and ended up regretting it when they damaged walls, furniture and the piano itself. Don’t let that be you! Take advantage of our awesome service and let Halifax Removals handle your Halifax piano removal! We’ll do it for a reasonable price, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed by our hard work and attentive approach. That’s why we’re considered Halifax’s favorite student removals service!
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