For the ultimate dessert indulgence experience, finding the best dessert shops in your area will be a must. This is because it’s the most convenient way for you to get your hands on the tastiest desserts in your town. Now if you are someone that lives in a place where there are plenty of dessert shops, then finding the best ones may take a bit of time and effort. That’s because you will need to do a bit of research on them, or maybe even try each of them out. 

One thing that you can do though, to save time and a lot of effort when trying to find the best dessert shops in your area, is to simply listen to what other people are saying or recommending. On that note, if you are someone in Halifax and don’t want to bother yourself in terms of finding the best dessert shops in town, then I will be able to help you out. Below, you will find what I consider as the best three dessert shops in Halifax today. 



Moon Bean Cafe & Delicatessen

Moonbean is a very delightful and quirky café that serves plenty of great tasting and quality dessert items. They are quite well-known in town for providing lovely services and food, which includes their desserts as well. The best thing about this place is that you can enjoy great quality desserts here for a fraction of the price that you would usually expect to pay for such quality food. That is why it is considered as a good value hunter’s paradise for plenty of dessert lovers here in town.  


G’s Cakes

G'S CAKES, Halifax - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone Number - Tripadvisor

G’s Cakes is the go-to place for cake lovers in Halifax, and that has been true for so many years now. They offer a wide assortment of cakes, all of which are always made with great attention to detail, and amazing tastes as well. I personally love this shop because it is a place where I can sit down, relax, have coffee and enjoy some tasty cakes after a hard day’s work in my Halifax office removals job. Their staff members are also very welcoming and friendly, and that is another thing that keeps me coming back here again and again.  


Blondin’s Ice Cream Parlour 

BLONDIN'S ICE CREAM PARLOUR, Halifax - Restaurant Reviews & Photos -  Tripadvisor

If you love ice cream, then this is an amazing place to visit here in Halifax. They serve a wide selection of ice cream flavours, and all of them are of great quality and taste. Being situated in The Piece Hall, this is a great place to enjoy your ice cream while basking on some very wonderful views. All in all, this is a very cosy ice cream parlour with very friendly and helpful staff members, and ice cream products that will easily satisfy any dessert lover’s cravings for good quality ice cream.  


So if you are someone that is on the hunt for the best dessert shops in Halifax today, then you should place these three on the very top of your list. They really deliver when it comes to the quality dessert that you would expect from shops that are considered the best by consumers. That said, be sure to give these places a visit whenever you get the chance, you will surely be happy with it. 


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