You never know when you might need storage services. Thankfully, you can now access them through Halifax’s favourite removals firm. Since people so often need storage support as they move, it makes perfect sense for us to include this in our offerings.

If you’ve used our removals services in the past, you’ll know that customer satisfaction is a top priority for our professional team. The same applies when you use our storage services. That’s why, whenever you need to rent storage space in Halifax, you should think of Halifax Removals!


When you hire a storage unit, you have access to your own space where you can keep a whole range of items. Maybe you’re not sure when you’d need to use such a service. Actually, there are many scenarios in which this extra space can come in very useful. Ask around — more people rent storage space than you think.

Sometimes, customers approach us about renting space, but they have some concerns about it. They worry that it will be very expensive or that their items might become damaged during the process. The team at Halifax Removals is able to reassure them, because:


  • Our rates are known to be reasonable, whether you need help with removals, storage, or both!
  • We are an experienced, established company with a great reputation. We can be trusted to take care of your possessions properly.

Read on for more information about storage services, including why you might need them and why you should choose our company whenever you do!

Why might I need storage services?

Have you ever complained to your family members about the clutter around your house? Maybe you own items that you’d love to keep but you don’t have to use on a routine basis? Renting a storage space could be the solution for you. You can enjoy a tidier, more organised house, and it won’t cost you a fortune to do so.

Many customers contact us when they’re moving home. They know that we’re the go-to firm for full house removals, and they often need to include storage as part of the service. The timeline of moving out of one home may not align perfectly with the timeline of moving into another.

In that situation, rented storage space is ideal. While you’re in the transition stage, your possessions will be kept safe in one place. They’ll be ready to be relocated as soon as you get access to your new home. This can significantly reduce any stress you experience during your move. Given that people tend to list moving as one of life’s most exhausting moments, any relief you can find is welcome!

Throughout the ups and downs of life — when sons and daughters move to study, when family members pass away, when you move home or downsize or start a business — storage space can be incredibly helpful. In Halifax and the surrounding area, Halifax Removals is happy to provide this support to our loyal customers.

Our storage services are very flexible. If you have any doubts about what we’re willing to offer, feel free to contact the team. You’ll see that we go the extra mile to say yes to our customers’ requests.


Why do I choose Halifax Removals for my storage service?


Once you’ve decided you need a storage service, your next step should be to decide which firm to use. There are many great reasons to choose Halifax Removals if you live in the surrounding area. Here are just some of them!


  • Affordability

    Just like our removals services, our storage services are priced very reasonably. Our objective is to make storage space accessible for everyone, even if they’re on a limited budget. We pride ourselves on providing excellent value for money: although you’re paying a low price, you’ll enjoy a high-quality customer experience. As a customer, you can benefit from the best of both worlds. 
  • Removals support

    A huge advantage of hiring Halifax Removals when you need storage space is that you have the option of adding removals services to your storage deal. We can transport items there and back as you wish. You can make use of our manpower, equipment, and vehicles as you load your storage space. This will definitely make the whole process smoother. 
  • Reputation and experience

    You don’t want to leave your cherished possessions with just any company. Look for one with a great reputation and lots of experience, like Halifax Removals! Then, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is in safe hands. We’ve proven over the years that our company is committed to delivering excellent customer service.

What else could you want from a storage service? Let us know! We’ll go the extra mile, tailoring our offer to meet your specific needs whenever possible.


Things to keep in mind when renting a storage space:


You should bear the following things in mind when renting a storage space:

Look for the right company.
There are lots of storage spaces out there, so make sure you get the best deal to fit your needs. You should enquire about the amount of space you’ll be entitled to and see if there are any additional services available, for example, if you need help with packing, loading, and transporting items.

Check the company’s limits.
There are rules about what you can store in your unit, so double-check if you have any unusual items you need to include. Items like food usually can’t be stored there, because they could attract pests. It’s good to clarify the rules before you commit.

Ask for a no-obligation quotation.
Price is a big priority for most people searching for storage space. You’re entitled to ask how much it will cost in advance. Feel free to request quotes from a few companies and make a comparison. You’ll soon see that Halifax Removals offers storage at incredibly low rates!

Prepare your items to be stored.

Packaging and packing your items correctly will ensure they’re protected from the elements. Use plastic wrap on furniture and pack items in plastic boxes rather than cardboard ones.




How much does storage service cost?

The price you’ll be expected to pay will undoubtedly vary between companies. That’s why you should take the time to compare quotes and what’s on offer before you make a decision. Get the best value for your money! We invite you to contact Halifax Removals and request a no-obligation quotation.


Are my belongings insured at storage service?

It depends on the storage service you use and what you want to store there. We recommend contacting your storage service and asking about how their insurance policy will relate to your possessions. Our friendly team members are happy to explain insurance options to any potential customers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


How do I make sure my stuff at the storage service is safe?

You can take 2 important steps to protect your stuff. The first is packaging your items correctly. For example, using plastic boxes to store items instead of cardboard ones. You can also wrap furniture in plastic to protect it from damp. The second step you should take is choosing a reputable, responsible storage service.


How to choose the best storage space?

The best storage space will depend on your needs. Ask yourself the following: how close does the space need to be to your home? How much money are you willing to spend on it? How big does the storage space need to be and how long do you need to have it for? The answers to these questions will inform your decision.