Steak is a meal that many meat lovers would never pass up on. That is because while it is such a simple dish at first glance, it can definitely showcase the true delicious flavours of beef meat. While you can actually cook steaks yourself at home, it might become an inconvenient process if you are really looking for the best tasting steaks. Practically speaking, if you want to taste the best steaks, then it would only make sense to look for the best steak houses. 

If you happen to be in Halifax, then you should rejoice because there are plenty of great steak places here. That said though, there are a few steakhouses that are considered by many steak lovers in town, as the best pound for pound. So, if you are someone that is interested in knowing which ones are the best three steakhouses in Halifax, then you will find all three of them below. 



HALIFAX BEEFEATER - Updated 2020 Restaurant Reviews, Menu & Prices -  Tripadvisor

If you love steak, then the name of the restaurant says it all, and they definitely never fail to deliver in terms of satisfying steaks. Beefeater offers a wide range of quality steak cuts, making a great option for people that have preferences in regards of the steak cuts that they want to eat. This is a steakhouse that I personally visit whenever I get a break from my Halifax house removals job, and that’s because they are very consistent in delivering great tasting steaks for their customers, every time they eat here. 


22 Bar & Smokehouse 

IMG_20180113_125407_507_large.jpg - Picture of 22 Bar & Smokehouse, Halifax  - Tripadvisor

22 Bar & Smokehouse is an excellent option for meat lovers that want to dig in to quality steaks in large portions. They offer some of the best tasting grilled steaks here, which is really a reason why many people love coming back here again and again. The steakhouse has a very welcoming and warm dining atmosphere, and is really ideal for group dine outs. As a matter of fact, this is an amazing place if you are looking for great value for your money when eating out with a huge group.  


Long Can Hall 

Long Can Hall - Halifax | Food & Drink

Long Can Hall is another great option for people that are looking for very nice tasting steaks for highly reasonable prices. The best thing about this place though is that it has a very relaxing atmosphere, especially during the summer when you can eat outdoors for scenic views in the restaurant. The restaurant has very friendly and polite staff members, which is always a very welcoming thing for any consumer. All in all, this is a place that you can never go wrong with, especially if you are someone that wants to enjoy great tasting steaks, pleasing atmosphere, and scenic views. 


There you have it steak lovers, these are the three best steakhouses in Halifax if you want to eat amazing quality steaks. The prices for each restaurant does vary, so it may be a good idea to pick one that is ideal for your budget. Other than that, you can actually make your pick depending on which one you can conveniently access. Overall though, I highly recommend that you try out all of these three restaurants. None of them will disappoint you in terms of service, and the quality of the steak that they serve. 




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